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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Do you provide samples?

A: Yes. As of 1-1-16, Wanda’s Barium Cookie, LLC will provide a sample if you pay postage.

You may request one sample order (one dozen) of the product by calling Wanda’s® Barium Cookie, LLC 906-281-1788.
When calling, please provide your preferred shipping account number for FedEx or UPS. Requests for samples are by phone only and not on our website.

We require “ship to” information: Your company name, address, phone number, tax exempt ID information. We also request feedback within one week of receipt / use of the product.

Q: Do you accept Credit Cards?

A: Yes. Place your order online and use your credit card directly on our website.

Q:  Do you ship/ sell to Canada?

A:  Yes.  You would need to arrange FOB shipping/ receiving from our facility. Please call to arrange shipment.

Q:  Who can help with the shipping in Canada?

A:  We have no connection with this company, but some Canadian Companies are working with Purolator.com , phone 888-744-7128 to help arrange shipping/ receiving.  Puralotor.com may arrange the needed shipping with US companies such as UPS to pick-up/transport the packages to Canada.  Please contact them for more information in this process.  They can help with customs/ paperwork.

Q:  Q:  What information do I need to provide on first time orders?

A:  Please review our ORDER FORM for a sample of our invoice that has specific information that Wanda’® Barium Cookie, LLC requires. 

Please provide Purchasing Agent name and contact phone number/ and email address. 
Please provide Accounts Payable agent and phone contact/ and email address.  
Please Provide Your Company Name, Ship to and Bill to addresses, Method of Payment (Credit Card #, Purchase Order, Check, or other designated payment can be arranged as needed). 
Designate your Shipper:  USPS, UPS and your account number, FedEx and your account number to bill the shipping costs (Designate if it is Third Party Billing). 

Tax status is needed. If your company is Tax Exempt, please, provide Tax Exempt ID # and letter of Tax Exempt Certification when setting up First Time Orders

If your company wants specific information on the shipping label please make that clear in your comments.  

Please designate the number of units that you are purchasing.  (Our minimum order is 2 Units = 6 dozen).



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