Law / Code Enforcement

Portage Township Constable


Mr. Roy Britz

(906) 482 - 0055 [ work ]


Mr. Bob Laux

(906) 523 - 9027 [ home ]


Portage Township may elect up to four constables, as determined by the Township's Board of Trustees by resolution at least six months prior to the Township's primary election preceding the general election. The Township can also eliminate the office by resolution. If no determination is made, there shall be elected the same number elected in the preceding general election. If the Constable office is vacated the Township Board is authorized to determine if and when the vacancy shall be filled. If it is not filled by the Township Board, the vacancy continues until the next general or special election for Township Officials.

Constables are required to serve all warrants, notices and process lawfully directed to them by the Township's Board, the Township Clerk or any other officer and shall perform other duties as required by law. The Constables may serve any writ, process or order lawfully directed to them by any township within the County.

The State Attorney General has determined that Constables are peace officers under Michigan law. Before the Constables may lawfully make arrests, they must comply with the minimum employment standards for police officers in Michigan as established by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. The cost of complying with these standards are borne by Portage Township and not the Constables. They also enforce all of the local codes and laws promulgated by Portage Township. Lastly, these Constables do liquor control inspections under the Township's liquor control ordinance which was approved by Michigan's Liquor Control Commission.

Employment Descriptions